After long years as a drummer for various projects, and more recently the Irish band Fiction Peaks, João took a stab at starting a project based only in electronic instruments. Your Friend Esteves was born.  

The sound of Your Friend Esteves translates his years playing with talented musicians and composing for indie rock bands. His time split between Portugal and Ireland brings a unique flavour to the songs. The music draws from a melodic and emotional ambience, and that can be heard in the layers of synths and layers of vocal harmonies. 

João grew up playing piano and organ, and later learned classical guitar. The drums came later and ended up being where he excelled. He has always loved making music and the passion for electronic music production started in the early 2000's with the composition of 3 experimental eps.

Beyond music, João also works as a software engineer, and loves spending time in the sea, surfing or kite-surfing.